Dion Baybridge


Hello, I'm Dion Baybridge and I've been "playing" with vaults in the Rome lab since 1986. I escaped from Lenny Rome's laboratory for about two years when I mistakenly chose to pursue a career path not including vaults (Big Mistake!). After that I decided to stick around for awhile. Unfortunately I do not get to "play" with the rest of the Vaulters as often as I would like. I spend most of my time working with Lenny in his capacity as Dean for Research in the School of Medicine, but when they let me out of my shackles I escape to the lab as often as possible. There I get to purify and isolate vaults, produce antibodies, help out others in the lab with various tasks, analyze budgets, prepare grants, etc.. The best part of being around the lab for this long is to have worked with so many incredibly wonderful researchers over the years; I even trained under the tutelage of the great Nancy Kedersha herself (the discoverer!). Our weekly lab meeting is one opportunity each week to keep abreast of the progress in our lab as well as hear what's happening all over the world with various collaborators. It gives me a chance to contemplate the possibilities of what vaults may be capable of and thinking about the ever elusive function of these fascinating little beasts?

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