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Stephen, A.G., Raval-Fernandes, S., Huynh, T., Torres, M., Kickhoefer, V.A. and Rome, L.H.
Assembly of vault-like particles in insect cells expressing only the major vault protein
J. Biol. Chem., 276(26): 23217-20 (2001) PDF

Kickhoefer, V.A., Liu, Y., Kong, L.B., Snow, B.E., Stewart, P.L , Harrington, L., and Rome, L.H.
The telomerase/vault-associated protein TEP1 is required for vault RNA stability and its association with the vault particle
J. Cell Biol., 152(1): 157-64 (2001) PDF

Siva, A.C., Raval-Fernandes, S., Stephen, A.G., LaFemina, M.J., Scheper, R.J., Kickhoefer, V.A., Rome, L.H.
Upregulation of vaults may be necessary but not sufficient for multidrug resistance
Int. J. Cancer, 92(2): 195-202 (2001) PDF

Schroeijers, A.B., Scheffer, G.L., Reurs, A.W., Pijnenborg, A.C., Abbondanza, C., Wiemer, E.A., Scheper, R.J.
Detection of the Mr 110,000 lung resistance-related protein LRP/MVP with monoclonal antibodies
J. Histochem. Cytochem., 49(11): 1379-85 (2001) PDF

van Zon, A., Mossink, M.H., Schoester, M., Scheffer, G.L., Scheper, R.J., Sonneveld, P., Wiemer, E.A.
Multiple human vault RNAs. Expression and association with the vault complex
J. Biol. Chem., 276(40): 37715-21 (2001) PDF

Holzmann, K., Ambrosch, I., Elbling, L., Micksche, M., Berger, W.
A small upstream open reading frame causes inhibition of human major vault protein expression from a ubiquitous mRNA splice variant
FEBS Lett., 494(1-2): 99-104 (2001) PDF
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