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Poderycki, M.J., Kickhoefer, V.A., Kaddis, C.S., Raval-Fernandes, S., Johansson, E., Zink, J.I., Loo, J.A., Rome, L.H.
The vault exterior shell is a dynamic structure that allows incorporation of vault-associated proteins into its interior
Biochemistry, 45(39): 12184-93 (2006) PDF

Slesina, M., Inman, E.M., Moore, A.E., Goldhaber, J.I., Rome, L.H., Volknandt, W.
Movement of vault particles visualized by GFP-tagged major vault protein
Cell Tissue Res., 324(3): 403-10 (2006) PDF

van Zon, A., Mossink, M.H., Houtsmuller, A.B., Schoester, M., Scheffer, G.L., Scheper, R.J., Sonneveld, P., Wiemer, E.A.
Vault mobility depends in part on microtubules and vaults can be recruited to the nuclear envelope
Exp. Cell Res., 312(3): 245-55 (2006) PDF

Steiner, E., Holzmann, K., Pirker, C., Elbling, L., Micksche, M., Sutterluty, H., Berger, W.
The major vault protein is responsive to and interferes with interferon-gamma-mediated STAT1 signals
J. Cell Sci., 119(Pt.3): 459-69 (2006) PDF

Kim, E., Lee, S., Mian, M.F., Yun, S.U., Song, M., Yi, K.S., Ryu, S.H., Suh, P.G.
Crosstalk between Src and major vault protein in epidermal growth factor-dependent cell signaling
FEBS J., 273(4): 793-804 (2006) PDF

Kozlov, G., Vavelyuk, O., Minailiuc, O., Banville, D., Gehring, K., Ekiel, I.
Solution structure of a two-repeat fragment of major vault protein
J. Mol. Biol., 356(2): 444-52 (2006)

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