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Ng, B.C., Yu, M., Gopal, A., Rome, L.H., Monbouquette, H.G., Tolbert, S.H.
Encapsulation of semiconducting polymers in vault protein cages
Nano Lett., 8(10): 3503-9 (2008) PDF

Yu, M., Ng, B.C., Rome, L.H., Tolbert, S.H., Monbouquette, H.G.
Reversible pH lability of cross-linked vault nanocapsules
Nano Lett., 8(10): 3510-5 (2008) PDF

Esfandiary, R., Kickhoefer, V.A., Rome, L.H., Joshi, S.B., Middaugh, C.R.
Structural stability of vault particles
J. Pharm. Sci., 98(4): 1376-86 (2008) PDF

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