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Tanaka, H., Kato, K., Yamashita, E., Sumizawa, T., Zhou, Y., Yao, M., Iwasaki, K., Yoshimura, M., Tsukihara, T.
The structure of rat liver vault at 3.5 angstrom resolution
Science, 323(5912): 384-8 (2009) PDF [Supplemental Material]

Kickhoefer, V.A., Han, M., Raval-Fernandes, S., Poderycki, M.J., Moniz, R.J., Vaccari, D., Silvestry, M., Stewart, P.L., Kelly, K.A., Rome, L.H.
Targeting vault nanoparticles to specific cell surface receptors
ACS Nano, 3(1): 27-36 (2009) PDF

Lai, C.Y., Wiethoff, C.M., Kickhoefer, V.A., Rome, L.H., Nemerow, G.R.
Vault nanoparticles containing an adenovirus-derived membrane lytic protein facilitate toxin and gene transfer
ACS Nano Feb 18, 2009 Ahead of print PDF
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