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The genes encoding the MVPs from human, rat, electric ray and Dictyostelium have been cloned and sequenced (see Table I). All of the MVP genes isolated to date are single copy. The human MVP has been localized to the short arm of chromosome 16 (Scheffer et al., 1990). Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences of human and rat MVPs indicate that they share ~88% identity while they share about ~60% identity with either Dictyostelium MvpA or MvpB. Interestingly, Dictyostelium MvpA and MvpB proteins share only ~60% identity, indicating that they are as related to each other as to the rat and human MVPs. MvpB is more acidic (pI 5.1) than MvpA (pI 6.7). It is possible that the divergent regions of these two proteins might have arisen to functionally substitute for the lack of p240 or p193 homologs in this organism.

Table 1 - Vault Components

Proteins Species [reference] Size (kDa)
MVPs Human (LRP) [Scheffer et al., 1990] ~100
  Rat [Kickhoefer and Rome, 1994] ~100
  Dictyostelium (A) [Vasu et al., 1993] 94
  Dictyostelium (B) [Vasu and Rome, 1995] 92
  Dictyostelium (C) [Vasu and Rome, 1995] ~92
  Electric Ray [Hermann et al., 1997] 96
Cap proteins Human [Kickhoefer et al., 1999a] 280
  Human [Kickhoefer et al., 1999b] 193
vRNAs Species Size (bp)
  Human (hvg1) [Kickhoefer et al., 1998] 96
  Human (hvg2) [Kickhoefer et al., 1998] 86
  Human (hvg3) [Kickhoefer et al., 1998] 86
  Human (hvg4) [Kickhoefer et al., 1998] 98
  Rat [Kickhoefer et al., 1993] 141
  Mouse [Kickhoefer unpublished] 141
  Bullfrog (1) [Kickhoefer et al., 1993] 89
  Bullfrog (2) [Kickhoefer et al., 1993] 94

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